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Mothers' Union is a network of four million people in 83 countries worldwide, serving Christ in their own community and working at grass-roots level in hundreds of projects that meet local needs.  Family life for so many is difficult.  We know we cannot solve all the problems!  However, we do know that we can all begin to do so.

Mothers' Union was formed in 1876 by Mary Sumner, and the branch here at Christ Church began in 1909. The branch is part of Mothers' Union Manchester, a registered charity.  To find out more about our work visit Mothers' Union in Manchester 


A difficult ask

It has been as harsh as it has been sudden. Within the United Kingdom and around the world the economic fallout of COVID-19 is being felt by millions of ordinary people, with many thousands more continuing to risk their lives to protect others.

With schools, churches and many businesses closed, the beginning of a new decade has not gone as any of us had envisioned and certainly not as Mothers’ Union had planned. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak is truly being felt by all corners of the world, especially by those who are most vulnerable in society or living in poverty and isolation. 

While the measures being taken by many governments to protect us (such as quarantine and self-isolation) are proving to be effective in halting the spread of the virus, they come at a cost. The cost is of loneliness for some, financial hardship for families and increased pressures on relationships for others. This further increases the risk of domestic abuse and prolonged hunger and isolation for many. 

The Need for Mothers' Union 

The above are areas where, inspired by faith, Mothers’ Union members have always been active, leading the way in supporting those in need. 

However, we are not immune to the impact of the virus. In common with many charities, we are facing a significant shortfall in income, currently forecast to be well in excess of £1 million this year alone.  

This is because the UK’s necessary actions to stop the spread of the virus have abruptly swept away the income we would normally receive from conference room hire at our headquarters Mary Sumner House as well as summer fundraising events. Even with all our safety nets in place, this tidal wave of losses is hitting our charity all at once in a way no one could have foreseen.  

Without these funds, we simply cannot meet the costs of staffing, safeguarding, development work, and governance. Ultimately, that means the heart of Mothers’ Union being torn out by the ravages of COVID-19, so we are asking for help. 

If you are able, and please, only if you are able – can you donate to our urgent appeal so that we can still be here after the crisis has passed? 

I’m sure you feel, as we do, that we must ensure Mothers’ Union can continue to serve God and show God’s love, just as we have done for almost 150 years. 

Please give what you can. Click on the image to take you to Mothers' Union website

Do contact us to find out more about Mothers' Union, or come to one of our meetings (no pressure). Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held in the Hall at 7.30 p.m.      

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