Porch boxes


 providing crisis packs for those in need


Porch Boxes works to support vulnerable people with crisis packs of food and other essentials. At present this is a very real need and the charity is in desperate need of more help. Below is a letter of thanks received recently but also an appeal during the current situation.


1 May 2020


Dear friends,

It is with sincere appreciation that we send this letter of thanks to your church members, for your wonderful support throughout 2019 which is most gratefully received.

With all the regular gifts of food, toiletries, financial contributions and help from around the Borough, we know that all your gifts will go a long way to helping us to service a growing need in future months.

So, it is a great joy that we are able, to say a very big THANK YOU




The need of course never goes away, but is with us all year, every year. We are at this point a long way away from our target hope – “to be able to close the Porch operation because the need has gone away”. Unfortunately, that target is nowhere in sight, at this time, despite the “prosperity” that we associate with the United Kingdom, in common with many western nations.

We look forward to the extra contributions that we have had in past years over the Easter, Harvest and Christmas periods, and of course the continued and important regular weekly contributions that many organisations (schools, churches and businesses) have made over recent years.

2020 of course, due to the Coronavirus, will be a difficult period for Porch, as many of our regular sources are no longer active, albeit temporary, due to the closure of churches and schools, and many businesses. We are finding though, that many extra financial and food donations etc., are coming in from other sources.

More than ever, we thank you so much for your kindness, your generosity and your care.


we are currently in a situation beyond anything most of us have experienced. The need is greater than ever but, whilst some support financially on a monthly basis, many are used to bringing contributions to church each week. Therefore this update is particularly helpful at this time.

The Covid19 pandemic has brought a variety of challenges across our community. Lots of families are experiencing reductions in their income and difficulties in accessing the food they need.

Porch Boxes are continuing to work hard to provide Crisis Packs during this difficult time, working with their regular local agencies, Social Services, Health Visitors, GP’s etc. to identify areas of need.

We receive most of our regular donations from either churches or schools and from the donation boxes in various Supermarkets around the area. As churches and schools are now closed for the foreseeable future, we are receiving significantly fewer donations. We have also had to make changes to how we operate our warehouse, so it is difficult for us to accept donations there.

We would like to ask all our regular contributors, particularly those who normally donate at their church or school, to deliver their donations to their nearest donation point.

Some of our donation points have been temporarily removed to allow for social distancing so please use one of the below locations:

ASDA: Radcliffe, Pilsworth & Bury

Morrisons: Whitefield & Ramsbottom

TESCO: Bury & Ramsbottom

If you would like to make a money donation you can do so via the website: www. porchboxes.wordpress.com


is a locally based charity, working in Bury and Rochale (charity number 1089998) Download a leaflet here to learn more about the charity.

Nigel Silvester coodinates this support and will be happy to answer your questions.




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