Calls for Help

During the current global pandemic the calls on our many charities have increased, exponentially.

Trustees need to consider the charity's objects but those which allow the charity to offer support in this situation will include:
the relief of poverty
the relief of need hardship or distress
the relief of the elderly
the advancement of education or advancement in life of young people
the advancement of health            

The Bible encourages us to give at least a ‘tithe’ of our income, that’s 10%, to God’s work.

The Church of England invites us to give 5% in regular financial support to our local church with the remainder going to other causes.

Most of the charities we already support will fall firmly into the categories above and like most charities are appealing for more funds so they can make a difference to more lives.  If you are able to give at the present time do please consider how much you can spare. If you are not in a position to do so please remember that your prayers are also needed, together with sharing information with others.

Please click on the images below to find more details of these charities.


We’ve seen for ourselves the enormous disruption this virus can cause. Yet for people living in extreme poverty the impact could be unthinkable.




Lots of families are experiencing reductions in their income and difficulties in accessing the food they need.  Porch Boxes are continuing to work hard to provide Crisis Packs during this difficult time, working with their regular local agencies, Social Services, Health Visitors, GP’s etc. to identify areas of need.




This unprecedented government lockdown has trapped vulnerable children at home. They're hidden from view and without the vital support they need. There are children facing increased danger of abuse and neglect. They're all alone, trying to cope with their worries, fears and worsening mental health.




The coronavirus outbreak threatens the health of our neighbours near and far. Together we must respond quickly to help the most vulnerable.

Coronavirus has shown us that our futures are bound more tightly together than ever before.




During these unprecedented times Mothers' Union is not immune to the financial impact of COVID-19. To ensure we can continue to serve families, support communities and show God’s love, just as we have done for almost 150 years we have launched an Urgent Appeal.









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